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International Council of Hides Skins & Leather Traders Associations



The Council provides assistance to its members in arbitration matters. Hide and skin improvement and careful consideration of environmental issues are areas of vital concern to the Council. The Council sets out guidelines and gives advice on production, grading and marketing to improve reliability and understanding throughout the world.

In these directions, the Council acts both independently and in conjunction with national trade associations and other internationally recognised bodies. The Council meetings provide a forum for discussions on the trade and related interests so that individual members can be made aware of those events and trends in world trade which affect the leather industry. Finally, membership of the Council is seen as enhancing a member’s credibility and commercial status internationally.


To promote the use of hides and skins products to the global leather industry.


  • To promote and improve relations and conditions in the hide industry and to serve the interests of the members
  • To promote the free trade of hides and skins
  • To secure mutual support and co-operation in dealing with all matters or questions affecting the general and common interests of the trade, including therein questions arising from state legislation, transportation, insurance or labour proposals
  • To communicate and cooperate with governments, Chambers of Commerce and international organisations representing the trade on questions considered of interest to the members of the Association and to secure the support and cooperation from those sources in affecting the general and common interests of the trade
  • To collect and disseminate statistics and other information relating to such trade, commerce and manufacturing
  • To promote trade uniformity in commercial usages, especially with regard to forms of contract, charter parties, bills of lading, policies of insurance
  • To formulate, settle, approve and circulate equitable and convenient forms of contract and any other documents which may be of use to the trade
  • To promote the voluntary adoption of any such contracts or other documents by members of the trade
  • To take such actions as may be necessary to protect all or any such interests, provided that no part of the funds of the Council shall be applied in making contributions to or assisting any company, association or body formed on carrying on business for purpose or gain